A major South Florida employer with over 140 residential real estate mortgage loans to its employees, which are made as part of an employee benefits plan.


Senior management was searching for a cost effective and creative method to value the assets underlying the above mentioned loans, in order to present to its board in a timely manner.


  • Asset Valuation
  • Forecasting
  • Historical trend analysis
  • Impairment analysis, if any, based on outstanding loan balances
  • Sensitivity analysis based on various growth rates and hold periods


Deering Companies worked with the client to prepare agreed-upon solutions. Deering used its market knowledge and industry & IT resources to compile a thorough database of comparable sales in over 20 submarkets. Valuations on each asset were obtained based on these results. Historical home price indices for over 30 years were researched and analyzed. Deering Companies forecasted valuations based on various expected growth rates and holding periods to prepare sensitivity analysis. A final report was delivered to senior management for use with its board. Deering also worked with the client to prepare a presentation based on these results.


Deering Companies’ prompt and efficient delivery of the valuation and related services allowed the client to reduce costs when compared to traditional appraisals. In addition Deering’s methods allowed the presentation to be delivered at least one month faster than through traditional methods such as an appraisal.